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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  March 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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drawback. >> we are propagating through the area. therefore, a line of sight. so we need to be line of sight with targets. >> reporter: a prototype costs $10 million and there are no plans to deploy one any time soon. >> marine based quantico in virginia, peter doocy, fox news. the news tonight is far from over. the news edge at 11:00 starting right now. we thank you for staying with us. i'm maureen umeh. today marks one year since a brutal killing inside an apparel store in bethesda. there were tears, but smiles, too. friends and family are remembering jana murray. >> reporter: her friends, family and coworkers have come
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a long way. they gathered at the lululemon today to celebrate a life. >> she was a beautiful soul and i hope she's in a better place. >> reporter: her parents sent a white flower arrangement along with a note thanking the community for their support. her brother and his wife attended the event that focused on her positive personality. >> the mood is upbeat. it's to remember jana. she was always a joyful person, loved life. and these are her friends. they knew her as well, so they have all kind of grasped on to her love of life. >> reporter: even sharing fond memories. >> all telling stories and remembering, you know, the time jayna wore roller blades in the store. >> reporter: many wore shirts to commit themselves to honoring her life forever.
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>> brittany norwood was sentenced of killing jayna in january. tonight a university of maryland student is under arrest for an online threat of a campus shooting rampage. police say he posted the comments saturday on two web sites and he said the rampage would happen today at $130, but he was arrested this morning. he was immediately taken for an emergency psychiatric evaluation. the freshman has been banned from campus. he's currently facing a misdemeanor charge. another big story we are following tonight, an american soldier on a shooting rampage in southern afghanistan, killing at least 16 people, most women and children, as they slept in their homes. he is now in custody being questioned. so far, no retaliation from afghanistan. has big names on both sides of the political aisle saying it might be time to get out of afghanistan. >> time for us to leave
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afghanistan, mr. speaker? >> i think it is. i think we have to reassess the entire region. >> the idea of turning it over to the afghan forces is the right way to go. >> u.s. officials have identified the gunman as an army staff sergeant based in washington state. he was assigned to support a special operations unit from the green berets or navy seals. they say he acted alone. u.s.s. enterprise is making its last voyage. it left norfolk today headed for the strait of hormuz. the enterprise has a storied 52- year history, playing a permanent role in the cuban missile crisis and serving in the vietnam war, operations desert fox, enduring freedom. it's the first aircraft carrier ever deployed. on tuesday, voters in
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alabama and mississippi will have their say and the candidate will the most approved may be mitt romney. here's the latest. >> reporter: primary has been dominated by tight races and more of that drama is surrounding the tuesday primaries in alabama and mississippi. today rick santorum continued to take aim at mitt romney, campaigning in tupelo, mississippi he responded to claims about the romney camp that santorum can't nail down the delegates he needs during the remaining primaries. >> establishment is trying to force a moderate republican from massachusetts down the throats of the american people, and if we have to go to a convention, we'll win the convention. i have no doubt about that. >> reporter: romney, who has no events scheduled today, has more than twice the delegates santorum has at this point in the race. for gingrich, who won south carolina and his home state of georgia, the two upcoming southern primaries could be crucial, and gingrich turned his fire on mitt romney.
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>> yes, he's the front-runner. he's not a strong front runner. i think after the last primary in june, likely to see a 60-day conversation about what's going to happen as we are to see romney dominating. >> reporter: he says romney is the weakest front-runner in a republican primary -- we are tracking gas prices. d.c. is just pennies away from four dollars at $3.96 a gallon on average. the average price is $3.77 a gallon in maryland, and drivers in virginia are paying $3.67 a gallon for regular gas. it is starting to feel a lot like spring. let's get the latest on your forecast from gary mcgrady. >> temperatures will jump into the 70s this week. i'm not going to give it all
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away. complete forecast coming up right after these messages. stay with us.   
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you don't need me to tell you how nice it was today. temperatures at reagan national was 63 degrees. dulles was up to 65. that's after morning lows in the 30s. we were good today, but looks
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like we're headed for the 70s. 52degrees now in the city. that hasn't dropped from last hour. 53 for quantico. some clouds have been coming across, and i think we'll be mostly cloudy at times tonight and other times a few clouds. tomorrow you see back out to the west more clouds. those will continue to work on across. while we will have some sunshine tomorrow and it will be warmer tomorrow, do not expect as much sunshine as today. a cool start tomorrow morning. not cold. 51. clouds at noon, 61. mostly clouds at 5:00. at 5:00 i think we really can't see the sunshine. mid- to upper 60s. mild for tomorrow, with the warm air coming from the south. you watch the showers, they won't come across until late in
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the day. 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, something like that. both commutes tomorrow should be good. tuesday a couple of afternoon thunderstorms possible. this front gets closer to us and it may kick up a little fuss with a couple of thunderstorms, couple of showers and thunderstorms. doesn't look like it will be a big deal at all. tomorrow back into the upper 60s, whereas today lower to mid- 60s. spotty thunderstorm tuesday, not a big deal. 76. sunshine wednesday, 76. thursday, spotty showers, 75. back to a few showers friday. but we stay warm, with temperatures mainly in the mid- 70s. question is, when will we get to 80? maureen? >> i like that question. it was a very nice day for runners to get in a good work out in d.c. today. this is the annual st. patrick's day 8k in northwest. the path took the runners from 13th and pennsylvania, around a scenic route.
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you know the event shut down some roads. everything was back open by early afternoon. when the race was just about over, the parade began, and that brought out more people. the the grand marshall was a dublin born chef. nissan sports extra with lindsay murphy on deck. four area teams have their dancing shoes ready, including georgetown and the hoyas' third straight appearance brings a familiar foe. plus, tiger woods is hurting, the nats are soaking wet and caps as smooth as ice. mo? thanks, lindsey. sports xtra two minutes away. have a great week. 
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welcome to nissan sports xtra. i'm lindsay murphy. coming up, dave feldman and j.t. 3 discuss the big dance. the field for the ncaa tournament is all set and the hoyas have their shoes ready.
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j.t.3and the team got rewarded for their season. 12-6record. 23-8overall. not to mention they finished 13th in the country. [ applause ] >> georgetown is a three seed in the midwest region, facing bellmont friday in ohio. the last time they met in the tournament was in a 2010 first round game, and the hoyas lost to ohio state. here's dave feldman with the hoyas. >> nervous sitting there, you know you're in. don't know where you're going or who you're playing. >> i always get nervous watching the selec.


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